Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, had a hammer named Mjölnir. Mjölnir was considered a fierce weapon that could level mountains and summon lightning with every blow. In this poetry blog, every Thursday, (Thor’s Day), Mjölnir will forge only song - sing of the mysteries and beauties of the world.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Remembering is the lining of forgetting.
        Chris Marker from San Soleil

Forgetting is a coat
I wear in winter.
It keeps the chill out.
It is my comfort during dark days.
But remembering is the wool
that makes the coat a coat,
makes it more than just a flimsy drape.

Forgetting is a cushion
I lay my head on
that eases the mind
and pillows me to sleep, to dream.
But remembering is the down
that makes the cushion a cushion,
makes it more than just an empty case.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


You must pass through
This place
To get to
The other side,
To cross over.

You can’t go freely, though.
There is a price to pay.
And someone there
Waiting to collect.

Will you pay them
Just what is owed?

Or more…?

Kindness could be
Your random gratuity.

How you treat the toll-taker
Is how you treat yourself.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Release them
and then watch 

them run wild, head
in a frenzy for the hills...

after they've had 

a good romp,
they‘ll come home,

bored, tired 
and hungry,

bloody and bleeding,
foxtails in their paws,

tails between their legs,
whimpering for affection—

and you’ll have it 
to give.

Who are these beasts
you know so well?

Thursday, February 4, 2016


There is a river
The river

A searching
A remembering
A knowing

A current
That moves

This is your life
Your true life
The one

You are meant
To live

To find you
Amidst the eddies
And the rapids