Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, had a hammer named Mjölnir. Mjölnir was considered a fierce weapon that could level mountains and summon lightning with every blow. In this poetry blog, every Thursday, (Thor’s Day), Mjölnir will forge only song - sing of the mysteries and beauties of the world.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

An Ode to the Oxymoron

Go ahead: expose the hidden innuendo,
eschew the obfuscations, if you can.
Good luck!
In matters of the heart,
where often anarchy rules,
with its consistent inconsistencies,
direct circumventions,
and random patterns
arising out of recent histories,
there’s no tip-toeing into relationship.
It just can’t be done.

Better to just take the calculated risk
and prepare for the crash landing
and leap into Love’s quarrel
with an intimate stranger.
There’s no better place to forge
a loyal opposition,
to practice acting naturally,
to agree to disagree,
to commit to being absolutely unsure
and clearly confused
almost all the time,
alone together,
as honest thieves
and sad clowns,
trying to know the unknowable
in advance.

It’s all a definite maybe, baby!
Fuzzy logic.
An endless parade of
near misses, minor miracles,
deliberate mistakes,
obvious misunderstandings,
civil disobediences,
some bad luck
and a string of good griefs,
along with a disorderly array
of quiet riots,
cruel kindnesses,
and sweet sorrows –
all happening accidentally on purpose,
that can turn any man or woman
upside down and inside out
as they attempt to binge on moderation
one big sip at a time.

If you want my unbiased opinion,
I say either keep yourself conspicuously absent,
in the swirl of all the numbing sensations,
or take the shortest distance
into the heart of the waking dream,
into the spinning hub-cap of passion,
by admitting outright to yourself
there is no quick fix or reprieve
from the routine emergencies.
There’s no fair trial.
The tragic comedy romance is
just isn’t fail safe.
It just ain’t!
Better to get use to
going nowhere fast
and to making educated guesses
amidst an aroma of relative truths
and true lies.

All things considered,
and conventional wisdom consulted,
you will come to see
with eyes wide shut
that reckless caution is the way to go.
It is the only choice there is, actually –
and the surest wager we can make
in this casino and virtual reality called Life.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The verdict and the sentence
can’t banish the lines -
the finely clipped crescents,
the subtle bowing
the body makes and shoulders,
with keratin and collagen -
that you’ve seen,
put your lips to
like prayer.

No, it can’t!

You can still hold them,
these lines, these contours,
as images
your body can remember
and carry
across any desert,
any exile,
any famine of trust,
like the relics of a faith
on their way
to a basilica
by the sea.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


An unsure heart
will circulate
its own myths,
and will labor
to tell them
with words
like ischemia
or angina.

But the muscle itself,
the myocardium,
is not a philologist
and so knows only
the one story,
the one word:

And it is for this
that it lives – and loves.