Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, had a hammer named Mjölnir. Mjölnir was considered a fierce weapon that could level mountains and summon lightning with every blow. In this poetry blog, every Thursday, (Thor’s Day), Mjölnir will forge only song - sing of the mysteries and beauties of the world.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Rearrange the furniture.
It’s your room.
The mise-en-scène: play with it.
It’s your movie.
And the feng shui:
consult with the invisibles, 
why don’t ya,
it’s your fortune.

The where of where you put things
is not arbitrary nor accident. Placement
is almost a kind of sorcery, really.

It’s all in the treatment,
in other words,
that you either see or don’t.

And if you don’t, well then…
a lackadaisical approach
may just creep into your relations also
and have the people in your life
begin to feel
a bit like coffee tables
or ottomans,
if you’re not careful,
that you shuttle about 
because you’re bored
or in a bad mood,
or because your sense of decorum
is elsewhere,
probably out watching
a mid-day matinee—
that is, until it finds
another reliable genre
of distraction
to replace the magic
of the silver screen.

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